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About Mark

In 1990, Mark Llewhellin left school without knowing his grades. He had little confidence and was not at all optimistic about his future.

Not knowing what to do with his life, Mark followed some of his friends into the Army. He failed the basic 1.5-mile run, was bullied and was also voted the fattest person in the troop!

After a year with the Junior Leaders Regiment Royal Artillery, Mark decided he would try to get into 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery, an elite Army unit that held the Military Marathon World Record (i.e. a marathon carrying a 40 lb backpack).

After failing the 29 Commando Selection phase (called ‘The Beat Up’) twice, first through lack of fitness, and secondly through an injury, he passed on his third attempt and completed the ‘All Arms Commando Course’ on his first attempt.

After leaving the military, Mark took things to the next level and has:

· Broke the 100-kilometre Treadmill World Record.

· Placed 1st in the Strava Distance Challenge in 2015, competing against over 51,000 runners.

· Placed 1st in the Strava Distance Challenge in 2014, competing against over 40,000 runners.

· Run and walk 70-miles without training on his 40th birthday.

· Become a successful Personal Fitness Trainer.

· Completed the Marathon Des Sables (a six-day, 135-mile ultra-marathon in the Sahara Desert).

· Worked and lived in London’s exclusive Park Lane as a Bodyguard.

· Run 1,620-miles in the United States whilst carrying a 35lbs pack.

Mark has interviewed some of the worlds top achievers in various locations, including one of the world’s most prestigious memorabilia rooms… the Hard Rock Cafe Vault Room in London.

He has travelled to over 50-countries and has been featured in leading national newspapers and on TV for his running achievements.

Mark has extensively worked in the support and care industry for many years helping individuals with brain injury, autism, epilepsy, dyspraxia, and various types of learning difficulties.

He has studied psychology and personal development extensively for over 25 years.

Mark is the Managing Director of Mark 7 Productions, as well as the Producer and Host of ‘An Audience with Mark Billy Billingham’ (as seen on Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins) speaking events around the UK.

He is currently working on more personal development books and lives with his son Léon (when Léon’s not at his Mum’s) on a beautiful marina in South West Wales

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